Drahomír Prihel Drahomír Prihel


Drahomír Prihel, art sculptor

Born on September 9th, 1956, Bratislava, the Slovak Republic


1971 – 1975 The Industrial School of Glass Making, Kamenický Šenov, the Czech Republic

1982 – 1987 Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, the Slovak Republic, doc. Askold Žáčko

He lives and works in Bratislava.


He has a devotion  for art cut  glass objects, metallurgical modeled objects, glass design, fused painted images  and stained glass, wooden statues, sculptures in metal, painting – pastel.

Implementations (Realizations) of stained glass, glass objects, lighting fixtures, prices and donations for private companies, banks, private homes.



Solo exhibitions

 1990 – The Gallery Arpex , Bratislava, SR

1991 – The P. Bohun Gallery, Liptovský Mikuláš, SR

1991 – The City Museum, Bardejov, SR

1994 – Bibiana, International house for kids, Bratislava, SR

1994 – The Gallery – Poľnobanka, a. s., Bratislava, SR

1994 – The Gallery Brandstrup, Moss, Norway

1995 – The Gallery D´Art, De Lunteren, Netherlands

1995 – Theater Nová scéna, Bratislava, SR

1996 – The Cyprián Majerník Gallery Bratislava, SR

1996 – Centre Culturel „Thierry Le Luron“ (with a 5-member group of Slovak artists), Paris, France

1996 – The Gallery of Cairo Opera House (together with Karol Ondreička), Cairo, Egypt

1997 – The City Gallery, Rimavská Sobota, SR

1999 – Bank Creditanstalt, Bratislava, SR

2000 – The Gallery SPP, Bratislava, SR

2000 – The Gallery T, Komárno, SR

2000 – Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava – Čunovo, SR

2000 – The Glass Pyramid Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2001, 2010 – Grassalkovich Palace (residence of the President of the Slovak Republic), Salla Terena, Bratislava, SR

2002 – The UniBank Gallery, Bratislava, SR

2002-2017 – Exhibition of sculptures in the House of the Count of Hungary in Kremnica

during a series of concerts given by the violin virtuoso Peter Michalica, SR

2003, 2007, 2009 – The Gallery F7, Bratislava, SR

2003 – Club of the Defence Ministry, Bratislava, SR

2004 – The Merum Gallery, Modra, SR

2005 – The Gallery of Miloš Alexander Bazovský, Trenčín, SR

2005 – Art Gallery – Galerie Deset, Waldes Museum, ( together with Ivan Bukovský), Prague, ČR

2006 – Exhibition of glass objects in the exhibition premises of the National Council od the Slovak   Republic situated on the terrace of Bratislava Castle (together with Igor Piačka), SR

2008 – Central Slovak Gallery, Banská Bystrica, SR

2008 – SNG – Bratislava – Bastion of Zvolen Castle (together with Milan Lukáč and Ivan Bukovský), Zvolen, SR

2008 – The Via Gallery (Bratislava – Michalská street), SR

2009 – The Orava Gallery, Dolný Kubín (together with Igor Piačka), SR

2010 – The State Gallery, Nitra, SR

2010 – The City Gallery, Topoľčany, (together with Juraj  Šufliarsky), SR

2010, 2012 – Finnish glass museum in Riihimaki Exhibition, (together with 12 glass artists), SR, exibition continued in The Glass Museums in Talin, Riga, Moskva, Petrohrad, Frauenau,

2011 – The Attick gallery, ŠVK Banská Bystrica, SR

2011 – The Jozef Kollár Art Gallery, Banská Štiavnica, ( together with Bohumír Prihel), SR

2011 – Museum of Ray Island in Dunajská Streda, ( together with Juraj Šufliarsky), SR

2011 – Art Gallery – Galerie Deset, Waldesovo muzeum, (together with Juraj Šufliarsky), ČR

2012 – Old Tower Hall, Zvolen, (together with Eva Bachratá – Linhartová, Juraj Šufliarsky), SR

2013 – Centre Koloman Sokol, Liptovský Mikuláš, SR

2013 – The Gallery of Slovak Union of Visual Arts, Bratislava, (together with Eva Bachratá –  Linhartová, Juraj Šufliarsky), SR

2014 – The State Opera, Banská Bystrica, SR

2014 – The Hall of the Ministry of Culture, Bratislava, (together with Jaroslav Svoboda), SR

2014 – The National Bank of  Slovakia, Bratislava, SR

2015 –  Small Stage Theatre STU, Bratislava, SR

2015 –  Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, SR

2015 – Museum of the Slovak National Uprising, Banska Bystrica, SR

2015 – Gallery on Tehelná, Zvolen, SR

2015 – The State Opera, Banská Bystrica, SR

2016 – The Travel Gallery, Bratislava, SR

2017 – Horácká Gallery in New Town in Moravia, ČR

2017 – Pálffiho palace (along with Eve Bachratou – Linhartovou and Juraj Šufliarskym), Bratislava, SR

2017 – Museum of the Slovak National Uprising (together with Jaroslav Svoboda),  Banska Bystrica, SR


2017 – Memorial of the Slovak national uprising (along with Jaroslavom Svobodom), Banská Bystrica, SR

2017 – Deductible in the Slovak pavilion at EXPO 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan

2017 – Ragala – ART Galeri, Hainburg an der Donau, Österreich


In the past twenty years the participation in about 170 joint exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad.



1990 – National emblem on the gable wall of the State Hospital (Bratislava), SR

1993 – stained glass windows for Lujgati Tower at the Bratislava Castle, SR

1995 – Sailing Boat, sculpture on display at the library of the castle that belonged

to the first Danish Kings, Nyborg, Denmark

1998 – glass sculptures for the management of the Industrial Bank (Košice), SR

1998 – glass sculptures for the First Construction Savings Bank (Bratislava), SR

2003/2004/2005/2006/2007/2008/2009/2010 –  Prize for the Laureate of the Bratislava Music Festival – Harp, sculpture, SR

2010 – Paintings on glass for the County Court in Banská Bystrica, SR

2009, 2011, 2012 – Prize for the Aspen Cultural Diplomacy Forum, USA


Works included in the collections of the following countries:

Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark, France, USA, Egypt, Switzerland, South Africa.




Participation in 7 sculptural , 8 glass and 2 painter´s symposiums



2006 – Award  City district of Bratislava – City district – New Town

2012 – Premio di rappresentanza: Provicia di Askoli Piceno in the Pearl Dell´Adriatico

2012 – Premio internationale D Arte, San crispino – Premio speciale della giuria

2012 – Premio citta di Montecosaro, Premio di rappresentanza comune: Trofeo citta di Montecosaro